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Visits of AIMH

People from various walks of life, individually and in groups, with an interest in military history, may visit AIMH, after coordination.

Seminars and Workshops

Aimed at education on much-neglected aspects of our rich military history, and to offer authentic data on important related issues, seminars and workshops are arranged at AIMH, or at other venues, by the research faculty of this institute.


Bugle & Trumpet

As a publication with the love of Military History at its core, Bugle & Trumpet (B&T) aims at providing readers with a diverse cross-section of articles and narrations that showcase different aspects of military history. It attempts to do so in a readable manner that has little to do with heavy volumes of raw data. It tells the stories of unsung heroes and living legends, and celebrates individual acts of courage.


AIMH endeavors to publish 2 – 3 monographs every year, covering a wide range of topics related to military history.


It started off as a motley collection of odd scraps of information pertaining to the rise of Hindutva in India; news clippings, snippets from various article, journals, and opinion pieces written by eminent scholars and experts of religious, politics, and the history of India.

Veterans Creed

Home of Veterans

AIMH being the home of veterans, acknowledges and appreciates, through this short video, the services of veterans of Pakistan, who have devoted their lives to the defence of Pakistan.


Guest Speaker

To gain from the rich and varied experiences of our veterans, lectures are arranged at AIMH, inviting veterans who excelled in service, or participated in important military operations. Students, members of civil society and army personnel attend such informative discourses.


Fouzia Farooq

Delivered a talk to the AIMH batch 4 student on "Architecture of Pakistan: The Medieval Heritage".

Tariq Parvaiz (retd)

Lt. Gen.
He gave a riveting account of his experiences during the 1971 War and subsequent escape from a Prisoner of War (POW) camp.

Zubair Mehmood Hayat (retd)

Delivered talk on ‘Leadership Development’ to interns of AIMH on 20 March 2023

AIMH Internship Program

For personality development, broadening knowledge outlook and improving knowledge on varied subjects including mainly military history, AIMH conducts two internship batches every year (summer & winter).


1st Internship Batch

18 July – 26 August 2022

2nd Internship Batch

6 Feb – 17 March 2023

3rd Internship Batch

10 July – 17 August 2023
National Cohesion

Sparkling Whites

Acknowledging the endeavours of our talented minorities, who have contributed significantly towards prosperity, security and development of Pakistan, AIMH works hand in glove with our sparkling whites on subjects on mutual interest. 


Admin's Pick

The Secret Of The Millennium

If I had only known all this at the time, the course of history would have been different. I would have delayed the granting of independence for several months. There would have been no Pakistan