Army Institute of Military History

Taxila Reference Library

This modest open-source library is growing steadily. We are focusing on the military history of the Subcontinent and the history of the Pakistan Armed forces, with a selection of current and classic books on military leadership. A small collection of relevant current affairs books is also maintained, with periodic additions.

We accept donations of private books and collections, provided they are relevant. These are gratefully acknowledged by individual book-plates pasted in each book. Historical documents with a bearing on our military history are also accepted in original, or if required, scanned and originals returned with thanks.


The library has books on following subjects:-

  1. Partition and 1948 War (Kashmir and GB).
  2. 1965 War.
  3. Kargil Conflict.
  4. 1971 War.
  5. War on Terror.
  6. Siachen Conflict.
  7. Muslim military history.
  8. Pre-Partition Indo-Pak military history.
  9. World Wars I & II.
  10. Biographies.
  1. Regimental / unit/ formation/ arm/ service/ institution histories and coffee table books.
  2. Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force and defence organizations.
  3. Pakistan Army.
  4. Indian Army.
  5. Command and leadership.
  6. Evolution of weapons, technology & military logistics.
  7. International relations.
  8. Security, defence and strategic studies.
  9. Contemporary and future warfare.
  10. Evolution of warfare doctrine, strategy and tactics.
  1. Civil – Military relations.
  2. Quran, Tafseer and religions.
  3. Regional affairs.
  4. Kashmir and GB.
  5. Geography.
  6. Pakistan Movement and Quaid e Azam.
  7. General literature.
  8. Dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  9. Islamic history and Arabic books.
  10. Foreign Language Books (less Arabic).

We are in the process of acquiring a copy of every book, irrespective subject and language, written by a member of Pakistan’s Armed forces, Partition onwards. Such donations are very welcome.

The library has two workstations connected to the internet, with access to various online research resources, and links with selected libraries in Pakistan and overseas.

A growing digital collection of books,  magazine, journals and other material is also accessible in the library.

The reference library is open to our research faculty, and to interns and other visitors on request, Monday to Friday 9 AM to 3 PM.

It is not a reading library.

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