Scope of Military History at AIMH

  1. Fundamentals and generations of warfare to include:-
    1. Nature of war
    2. Principles of war
    3. Face of battle
    4. Laws and ethics of war
    5. Early Islamic warfare till Muslim conquest of Spain
    6. Second generation warfare (1500 AD to 1919)
    7. Third generation warfare (1921 to 1945 AD)
    8. Fourth generation warfare and beyond ( post 1945 to date)
  2. Pakistan’s military history and history of the Pakistan Army to include:-
    1. Military geography of Pakistan.
    2. Ancient warfare in the Indus Valley, multiple military invasions, and pre-colonial period.
    3. British Indo-Pakistan.
    4. Partition, Kashmir Liberation War, Gilgit-Baltistan Liberation War and the period leading up to 1965 Indo-Pakistan War.
    5. 1965 Indo-Pakistan War and the period leading up to 1971 Indo-Pakistan War.
    6. 1971 Indo-Pakistan War and its aftermath.
    7. Post aftermath of 1971 till pre-Kargil.
    8. Contemporary and future warfare.
    9. War on Terror.
  3. The scope of study on each era encompasses strategy, doctrine, tactics, theorists, wars, campaigns battles, weapons, equipment, movement and logistics, technology and leadership case studies.
  4. Physical history of Pakistan to include:-
    1. Battlefields.
    2. Historical routes.
    3. Historical buildings.
    4. Monuments.
    5. War graves.
  5. Allied subjects to include:-
    1. Pakistan Army’s linkages abroad, including the Commonwealth.
    2. Outreach to other military history bodies.
    3. Regimental histories.
    4. Regimental lineages.
    5. Military culture and customs of the service.
    6. Dress and accoutrements.
    7. Insignia, heraldry, and vexillology.
    8. Military music.
    9. Military art.