Army Institute of Military History

Resident Research Faculty

AIMH hosts a full-time resident research faculty consisting research directors, all Army veterans with various combinations of civilian and military education. They are the backbone of AIMH and drive all twelve programmes.

Each director is assigned specific areas of study, for both research work and teaching. These include Indo-Pak military history, history of the Pakistan Army, general military history, physical history, military geography and other special assignments. They have access to a growing collection of books, documents, veterans and other sources related to their assigned areas.

They write, ranging from authoring or co-authoring books and monographs, to writing articles. They offer lectures within the field army and military schools, teach at military schools, and assist those schools in the formulation and management of military history curricula.

In their given subjects they are arguably, among the leading sources in the country, and may be approached through this website.

The research faculty is assisted by a small civilian staff consisting a seminar research fellow, a field research officer, a cartographer, a social media manager and research assistants.

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