Army Institute of Military History


Military History Research, Compilation and Publications Programme

To acquire from all sources, available books related to the military history of the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent and history of the Pakistan Army, for our research library. To acquire and archive documents on the same subject, in the Archive.


To arrange for the writing of books and monographs on Pakistan’s military history and the history of the Pakistan Army, over the long term. Including those authored or co-authored by our resident research faculty, and by other authors of note engaged by AIMH. For the resident research faculty to deeply study, from multiple open sources, their designated subjects of military history, including both general and Indo-Pakistan military history, for the purpose of teaching within the Army and beyond, and writing or co-authoring books and monographs.

A programme for finalising, proof reading, editing, composing, printing, reprinting, publishing, distributing and effectively promoting AIMH publications.

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