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Lieutenant Colonel

Faisal Afridi (retd)

Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Kamran Afridi was commissioned in Frontier Force Regiment in 1997. He is qualified from school of military intelligence Cliff Den Murree. Besides operational employments at brigade / Div Battle School and a UN assignment, he has performed his duties as officer commanding of mechanized infantry brigade. He commanded various detachments of military intelligence of Punjab, KP and Sind. Officer commanded an infantry Battalion at Gwadar. He performed his duties as Grade 1 officer at Human Resource Development, (HRD Dte, GHQ).
He holds degree in master of public administration and certification in Hostage Negotiation besides a Security course in China.


  1. Archaeology and museums
  2. Physical history preservation and education program
    1. Battlefields
    2. Historical routes
    3. Fortifications
    4. War graves
  3. Staff rides and battlefield tours
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