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Sohail Nasir Khan, SI(M) (retd)

Brigadier Sohail was commissioned in Azad Kashmir Regiment in 1988. He is a graduate of Command and Staff College, Quetta and National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad. Besides junior operational employments at brigade / divisional levels and a UN assignment, he has remained operations officer of a deployed infantry brigade. His senior operational appointments include stints in a deployed infantry division on the LOC, an infantry division in Operation AL-MIZAN and Counter Terrorism Wing.
He commanded his parent unit on the LOC, an infantry brigade in Operation AL-MIZAN, a de-radicalization institute, Azad Kashmir Regimental Centre and a multinational force under UN mandate at Darfur, Sudan.
He holds an MPhil degree in peace and conflict studies from NDU, Islamabad, besides four master’s degrees in English with linguistics, business administration, defence management and education management. He is a chartered fellow of Institute of Logistics and Transport, UK. He also has five professional certifications of 24 weeks in HRM besides a dozen certifications in a wide variety of subjects including social psychology, cultural anthropology, international law, international relations, philosophy, learning techniques, mass communication, mass media, basic nutrition and counter terrorism.


  1. Russo-Afghan War
  2. Indo-Pak from Kargil to date (less War on Terror)
  3. Evolution of warfare
  4. 4th generation Warfare and beyond (1946 AD to date)
  5. Nature of war, face of battle
  6. Laws and ethics of war
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