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Nasir Shafiq, SI(M) (retd)

Brigadier Nasir was commissioned in the Armoured Corps in September 1987. The officer is a graduate of Command and Staff College, Quetta and Air War College, Karachi. His staff appointments include operations officer in an armoured brigade and in a mechanised division. The officer has been on the faculty of School of Armour & Mechanised Warfare Nowshera twice. He has commanded his parent regiment and an independent armoured brigade group at Malir Cantonment. He holds master’s degrees in political science, international relations, defence & strategic studies and business administration. He also holds MPhil degree in international relations and is currently pursuing his PhD in management sciences.


  1. 1971 War (less western theatre) including aftermath
  2. Impact of industrialization (1830 AD to 1919 AD)
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