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Imran Haider Jaffri, SI(M) (retd)

Brigadier Jaffri was commissioned in 1987 in a self-propelled medium artillery regiment. The officer is a graduate of Command & Staff College Quetta. He has commanded a Mujahid battalion on the Line of Control, a heavy self-propelled artillery regiment and an armoured divisional artillery. He holds an MPhil degree in international relations from National Defence University, Islamabad and is also qualified in overseas joint warfare from Australian Defence Warfare Training Centre.


  1. Partition till pre-1965 War
  2. Western Theatre 1971
  3. Line of Control (LOC)
  4. Speed and Surprise (1921 AD to 1945 AD)
  5. Oral History Preservation Programme (OHPP)
  6. Fresh publications evaluation policy
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